“Would I, growing up, like to have had access to stuff on DVDs like this? Oh God, yeah! It’s better than any film school, I think”

A lot of unexpected pleasure can be found listening to audio commentaries. It’s not only about learning a thing or two about the creative and filmmaking process from wise directors or eloquent actors and film crew members. It’s not even about changing the way you perceive the films in question, although from our experience, the viewer’s understanding and appreciation of films is often deepened by these inside analyses. Quite possibly the greatest thing about audio commentaries is that they give us an otherwise impossible opportunity to enjoy great films in the company of great filmmakers. Ladies and gentlemen, lend them your ears. The experience is nothing but rewarding. The quote from the title belongs to Steven Soderbergh. Here’s our selection, mostly from YouTube.

Legendary screenwriter Robert Towne and director David Fincher sit down for an informative and interesting commentary that examines the many facets of this fascinating film. Topics include the simplicity and understated power of Polanski’s direction, the movie’s distinctive music, choice of aspect ratio, the performances of Nicholson, Dunaway, and Huston, and the myriad nuances and creative touches that distinguish the film and separate it from others in its class. —David Krauss’ review of the film’s superb transfer to Blu-ray

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