Cinephilia & Beyond is a website completely dedicated to the art and craft of filmmaking. By shedding light on the process of creating films that are now considered classic examples of highly accomplished filmmaking, we offer education, insight and analysis aimed to please and inspire both experienced, well-informed film lovers and young filmmakers and students on the start of their professional journey. The website is run by two editors who dedicate a lot of their time to producing material C&B’s audience might enjoy absorbing.

In order for C&B to continue running and for us to try even harder to build an inspirational and educational haven of passionate cinema appreciation, we ask each and every film(making)-related company to consider sponsoring our content. We’ve reached a breaking point, and only by working with you will be able to grow and develop further.



Cinephilia & Beyond’s readership is comprised of people from all walks of life that share a passion for the art and craft of filmmaking, but most of our audience comes from industry leaders, film students, journalists and professionals from within the filmmaking business, such as cinematographers, screenwriters, photographers, directors and producers. They are creative, tech-savvy, well-connected through social media and hungry for information. We’d describe our readers as motivated, ambitious and passionate individuals with a curious mind and an impulse to learn, expand their knowledge and grow professionally.



If you choose to sponsor our articles, we’ll make sure your company logo, description and links will be presented to our readers on the article page, just like we’ll present it at Cinephilia & Beyond’s homepage and the page dedicated exclusively to our sponsors. Our goal is to connect our sponsors directly to the type of audience they are reaching out to, and considering the wide range of articles we produce on a monthly basis, we will work together to determine just the right type of features your company might have the most use of. With this concept of a non-invasive advertising partnership, not only will the companies get a great chance to present their products or services to a readership already familiar with the industry and interested in what they are offering, but our readers might find attractive offers directly tailored according to their interests without having to deal with pesky advertisements they have no interest for. Moreover, we will use our Twitter and Facebook feeds to promote both the articles and the sponsors that chose to support it. What’s also important to mention is that sponsored articles remain sponsored no matter how long our collaboration lasts. Since a lot of our feature material often gets revisited, reblogged or re-published in other outlets even months after these articles premiere, this means sponsoring our articles is an investment that lasts for months and even years.

A single article sponsorship is available for $500.

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