Top 50 YouTube and Vimeo Channels for Filmmakers and Cinephiles

There are numerous film-related YouTube and Vimeo channels that hold thousands of high quality material about filmmaking. Whether you’re interested in directing, screenwriting, editing and cinematography, or interviews, behind-the-scene anecdotes, and making-of documentaries are really your thing, these are the channels and playlists we wholeheartedly recommend you to check out. Dear filmmakers, cinephiles, screenwriters, storytellers, movie buffs, film aficionados, or whatever you consider yourselves to be, take a look at this list of 50 great channels with countless hours of viewing pleasure.














Last but not least, there’s our own YT channel, where a whole bunch of film documentaries wait for you to dive in headfirst. You can also find us on Vimeo.

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