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‘The Life and Times of Don Luis Buñuel’: The Perfect Window into the Mind of a Groundbreaking Artist

  By Sven Mikulec Luis Buñuel was born exactly 121 years ago today. A prolific…

3 days ago

How Robert Altman’s Anti-Western Classic ‘McCabe & Mrs. Miller’ Aged Like Fine Wine

  By Koraljka Suton The legendary director Robert Altman was given an Academy Honorary Award in…

5 days ago

‘The Seventh Seal’: An Enthralling Philosophical Work of Art Made By One of the Truly Greatest

  By Sven Mikulec Ingmar Bergman decided to make something completely different upon witnessing the…

1 week ago

‘The Verdict’: Sidney Lumet and David Mamet’s Masterpiece as a Blend of a Courtroom Drama and a Personal Redemption Story

[rev_slider alias="presuda"][/rev_slider]   By Sven Mikulec Frank Galvin is an empty, whisky-drenched shell of a…

1 month ago

‘Point Blank’: John Boorman’s Amalgamation of American, British and French Filmmaking Styles

[rev_slider alias="taksimirko100-1"][/rev_slider] Point Blank poster art by Tony Stella   By Koraljka Suton British…

1 month ago