Zachary Goldberg’s ‘Lifted’ Is the Feel-Good Film You’ve Been Looking For

Zachary Goldberg’s Lifted is a heartwarming story of two lonely kids finding unexpected solace and joy in each other’s company. Even though the story’s dancing on the verge of fantasy, the real magic actually happens in the children’s relationship and characters. With capable acting and some clever symbolism in the title, this is the feel-good film you’ve been looking for to make this Sunday a bit brighter.

Lifted (2012) is the story of two lonely children who form an unlikely kinship with one another under unique circumstances when one, endowed with the power of flight, crashes behind the other’s home. Slightly fantastical, but grounded in the emotional journey of its characters, “The Spirit of the Beehive,” The Red Balloon,” and Tarkovsky’s short, “The Steamroller and The Violin” were all influences on the film. Developed as my thesis at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. –Zachary Goldberg

Official Selections:

2012 NYC PictureStart Film Festival
2012 Long Island International Film Expo
2012 Queens World Film Festival FlicNic in the Street
2012 HollyShorts Film Festival
2012 Nevada City Film Festival
2012 Action On Film International Film Festival
2012 Connecticut Film Festival
2012 First Glance Philadelphia Film
Festival Online Shorts Competition
2012 Louisville’s International Festival of Film
2012 Flatland Film Festival
2012 Lone Star Film Festival
2013 Beloit International Film Festival


Best Student Film – 2012 Long Island International Film Expo

Zachary Goldberg is a filmmaker and adventurer. A child of the first century of cinema, exploring the infinite possibilities of its second. His life is dedicated to the power, purpose and vitality of film and to finding the tiny, transcendent moments of magic and rapture that exist in the space between us all. His work is an attempt to collect and share some of them.

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