Michael Kahn

‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’: Steven Spielberg’s Gamble That Paid Off Generously

  By Sven Mikulec Upon making Jaws, the first true blockbuster and a shocking money-maker, Steven Spielberg was under enormous…

6 months ago

‘Minority Report’: Steven Spielberg’s Proof that You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Substance to Produce Spectacle

Photographed by Sean M. Casey, David James © Twentieth Century Fox, DreamWorks   By Sven Mikulec The beginning of Minority…

3 years ago

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’: Lucas and Spielberg’s Epitome of Action-Adventure Films Still Waiting to Be Surpassed

  By Sven Mikulec Trying to catch a break from all the Star Wars hype, in the spring of 1977…

4 years ago