Rare Uncut Version of ‘The Peter Sellers Story: As He Filmed It’

For the avid Peter Sellers fan, this is the jackpot—the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Here’s the UNCUT version of The Peter Sellers Story: As He Filmed It, a very rare three and a half hour version of the documentary (not 90-minutes condensed rebroadcast version) directed by Peter Lydon. Using a unique collection of his own home movies shot between 1948 and 1977 and discovered years after his death, this film presents an intriguing and intimate portrait of Peter Sellers. Told in his own words, and including many well-known personalities from Stanley Kubrick (including a rare footage of Kubrick playing tennis in a suit!), Sophia Loren and Robert Wagner to members of the Royal Family, in particular Princess Margaret and Prince Charles, this revealing film builds a fascinating and definitive record of a unique genius.

With endless thanks to Peter Lydon.

It was thus understandable that Kubrick should practically freak when a telegram from Peter arrived one morning: “Dear Stanley: I am so very sorry to tell you that I am having serious difficulty with the various roles. Now hear this: there is no way, repeat, no way, I can play the Texas pilot, ‘Major King Kong.’ I have a complete block against that accent. Letter from Okin [his agent] follows. Please forgive. Peter S.” For a few days Kubrick had been in the throes of a Herculean effort to give up cigarettes and had forbidden smoking anywhere in the building. Now he immediately summoned his personal  secretary and assistant to bring him a pack pronto. –Notes from The War Room

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