The Oscar nominated ‘Miracle Fish’ is a beautiful Australian short film its author Luke Doolan can certainly be proud of

The Oscar nominated Miracle Fish is a beautiful Australian short film its author Luke Doolan—he’s also a brilliant editor of Animal Kingdom, David Michôd’s feature debut—can certainly be proud of. Visually impressive and surprisingly elevated by a skillful performance of the lead actor portraying an 8-year-old pupil experiencing his probably most traumatic birthday ever, Miracle Fish is touching, disturbing and eye-pleasing at the same time. Quality film lovers, do not miss this.

Luke Doolan’s resume encompasses credits as a director, cinematographer, and editor, across music clips, commercials, shorts, and features. His early days of feature film editing were spent assisting legendary editor Jill Bilcock on Moulin Rouge. Luke has previously shot and edited Previsualisation on Baz Luhrman’s Alexander and Australia and George Lucas’ Star Wars: Episode III. Luke has been co conceiving and editing for the last four years on Nash Edgerton’s shorts including SPIDER, LUCKY and FUEL, for which he won Best Editing at The St Kilda Film Festival, Australia. In addition to his short film collaborations with Nash, Luke edited David Michod’s debut feature Animal Kingdom.

Read on your Twitter feed to submit short films to your amazing site. I’d be honoured if my film made it up. You are hands down, straight up—THE BEST website for that matter. I hope the site continues it’s high standards and rewarding riches to film makers everywhere, and perhaps sometime see Miracle Fish amongst its pages. —Luke Doolan

The pleasure is all ours, Luke! Keep up the brilliant work.

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