Luke Roulstone’s ‘The Adventures of Roger & Bob’ Is a Charming Chunk of Delight

It’s not that easy to find decent comedy these days, and it doesn’t get any easier when you’re reviewing short films. Luke Roulstone‘s short project, however, knocked us off our feet. With fine rhythm, humorous narration and simply adorable score, this two-minute bizarre story of two best friends whose lives seem anything but boring is a little charming chunk of delight.

I’m a digital director based at Bare Films in London where I make bunches of online content for bunches of brands. Like everyone in this business I’m making every effort to make more personal shorts and promos that interest me. One day I’ll make a feature, (or so my Mum reassures me.) This film came about more or less through the need to expel a lot of creative energy that was bursting inside of me. I have a habit of putting projects off until I have enough money to make them fly (which tends to be never). Here we just went out and did it.

In regards to the story, I find a lot of short films take a long time to say very little, so I decided to try and say a lot in a very short space of time. Without wanting to get too deep into what on the surface is quite an inane film, I wanted to make something with a lot of life to it, something that left the viewer breathless at the end. My good friend Daniel Jobbins was the right guy to turn to in this case. He has such way with words and wrote this most beautifully funny piece of narration. I also then made him star in it.

The crew consisted of me, Ed the DOP and my friend Richard on hand to pull focus. That was it. I pushed the dolly myself. It has been screened around, played a number of festivals and we’ve found the response has been extremely positive. –Luke Roulstone

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