Kodak MasterClass Series: Shooting For Drama with Robby Müller and Peter James

The esteemed Dutch cinematographer Robby Müller (Paris Texas, Repo Man, To Live and Die in L.A.) and his British colleague Peter James (Rich in Love, Driving Miss Daisy, Shot Alive) are at the center of attention of another great article by our friend Nathalie and her always amazing Mentorless. In this video, Müller and James are demonstrating their talents and filmmaking philosophies in Kodak MasterClass Series: Shooting For Drama from Stagehand TV. Both cinematographers were given the same script and set constraints, but their finished pieces were nothing alike, which throws a lot of light on the creative process, their way of thinking and difference in style stemming from decades of hard work behind the camera. We’re talking about two experienced experts, and the vast knowledge they happily share with the world is simply priceless.

Also, recommended viewing: Don’t Try This At Home: From Dogma to Dogville is the story of the Mini DV revolution that occurred in independent filmmaking in the late 1990’s. Directed by Matthias Maass, this documentary focuses on three of the most important cameramen of the period: Anthony Dod Mantle, Benedict Neuenfels and Robby Müller.

Here’s a great video interview with legendary cinematographer Robby Müller (whose longtime associates include Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, and Lars von Trier) for the Criterion release of Down by Law. “Müller says that Jarmusch’s only directions to him were that ‘it’s just like a fairy tale.’ He gets into a lot of meaty technical details regarding his choices in cameras, lenses, lighting, film stock, etc. A real treat for technophiles.”

Robby Müller on shooting Paris, Texas.

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