David Beazley’s ‘The Cost of Living’ is one of the best shorts we’ve seen in a long time

Superb acting, clever dialogue and a skillfully built comic atmospere is what makes The Cost of Living, a new short film by David Beazley, simply a joy to behold. This dark comedy tells us the story of two childhood friends who, after 24 years of friendship, have to face one another, look in each other’s eyes and realize how much their relationship changed. With intelligent humour and a great cast (Adeel Akhtar from Four Lions  and Utopia, Paul Popplewell from Paddy Considine’s Tyrannosaur), The Cost of Living is one of the best shorts we’ve seen in a long time.

The project came from a play that I had written a couple of years before. I was looking to make a really low budget short with minimal locations. I looked back over my writing work and thought that the play could work, if adapted. We shot over two days in a garage in North London. In retrospect, two days wasn’t enough, but it was all we could afford.

I started making films as a kid growing up in the English Countryside. My background is in writing. The Sixth Sense was one of the first films that got me interested in Screenwriting. I loved the way the writer had complete control over the audiences emotions throughout, and the effect it had on me when everything was turned on its head with the reveal. It lead me to look into the work of Screenwriters.

VHS & Ebay got me into directors like Herzog, Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson, Truffaut & American Indie Films. –David Beazley

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The Directing & Producing work of David Beazley on Vimeo

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