Daniel Goldhaber’s ‘Bad Kid’: A Vision Startlingly Devoid of Comfort

Daniel Goldhaber’s Bad Kid is not a film consumed easily. This story of a disturbed American boy living in the suburbs leaves you with an uneasy feeling in the stomach, as darkness emanates from the screen wrapping you in its cloud of hopelessness. Great acting from young Paris Peterson, fine piece of ‘less is more’ directing and a vision startlingly bleak and completely devoid of comfort.

Bad Kid is about Max, an All-American kid having a normal day in his hometown. However, buried beneath Max’s surface, and the surface of his world, is a secret. An explosion building inside that threatens to burst out of him and consume his life. Bad Kid is an expression of location. It evokes the American suburbs as a place of hallucinogenic, bi-polar insanity–a place where expectations and reality are decidedly at odds. —Daniel Goldhaber

Daniel Goldhaber graduated from Harvard University in 2013 after working as an editor on the Academy Award Nominated Documentary Chasing Ice. He’s obsessed with the lines between reality in fantasy in filmmaking, the ways that an image you trust can become destructive. He seeks to make films that blur the lines between art house and commercial cinema–that challenge the ways we see entertainment, and that enable us to tell new stories. He is currently writing his first feature film, Hop Up.

Production Reel
Daniel Goldhaber on Vimeo


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